Breakout Sessions

Teen Challenge Choir – Inspiring music and testimonies from men in the 12 month drug and alcohol rehab program
Panel Discussion – Equipping your family in the CyberTek age. How to navigate through topics
like online bullying, predators, dystopian social media, etc. with Alex Schadenberg, Doug Baert,
Chad Heaton and Dan White.
Italo Labignan – Fishing tips and life lessons with the host of Canadian Sport Fishing.
Mark Potter/Sheldon Wood – Financial and Legal Advice from 2 highly recommended professionals. Investing, Wills, POAs, Identifying Online and Phone Scams, etc.
Josh Snider/Paul Goldsmith – Redemption Racing & Hully Gully – Motorcycling / Active Lifestyle
Andre Reda – Youth for Christ – Reclaiming/Proclaiming the Truth
Upcoming Breakout Sessions
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